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  • Joseph A. Del Russo, JD

Professor Del Russo Reacts - Arrest in the Sayreville, NJ Councilperson Murder

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Interesting case, obviously, the motive is the most fascinating part. From the facts released, which provide some basic detail, very hard to speculate. I tell you this— for which you can bank, this dude was not ‘taken into custody’ at 10:45 AM, rather that’s likely when he was formally processed & arrested. Unless the police were concerned about flight, or he was tipped off & on the move, or there is some peculiar Virginia rule, or there was articulable danger to the community—-the best strategy is to arrive in Virginia at 5 AM, with a takedown team: that includes NJ, federal, and local law enforcement.

You then transfer him to a secure police facility to interrogate him. And then arrest him. Of course, if he asks for an attorney, well, that’s that. What you do not do is go there at 10:45 for an arrest.

and I’m not suggesting that anything nefarious is going on (there should be video), but law enforcement is going to leverage their potential for the accused trying to talk himself out of suspicion. And in broad daylight, in view of potential friends and neighbors, and a more clear thinking suspect— there’s more likely a guy like me showing up, a defense attorney. On the other hand, if I still wore my prosecutor hat, I would do exactly what I say above.


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