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  • Joseph A. Del Russo, JD

Professor Del Russo Explains: Supreme Court has spoken on Michelle Lodzinski’s murder conviction.

PER NJ.COM “In stunning move, [NJ Supreme Court] overturns Michelle Lodzinski’s murder conviction, setting stage for her release” —- “spokesman for the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, which tried Lodzinski, did not indicate what it plans to do next” —> No surprise here, if you checked out my analysis from October. and I will tell you what MCPO will do next. Nothing. Other than work with the family members who believe in the defendants guilt, and explain the process best to those members of Timmy’s family and the public. Eventually. There can never be a new trial under the federal and the state constitutions. Does not mean she is innocent, but does mean—it’s over. #JudgementofAcquittal #DoubleJeopardy

10/23/21 Captivating story with quite a few plot twists. and they keep coming…Oral argument before the NJ Supreme Court on the JNOV is scheduled for Monday. Michelle Lodzinski awaits the decision from her cell at the notorious Edna Mahan Women’s Prison in Hunterdon County. She is serving a 30 year sentence on a single count for the murder of her 5-year-old son. A lifetime in prison or irrevocable freedom lie in the balance. /jdr

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